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"Thank You So much for what you did -90 per cent of my pain and tightness is gone. You are right my body still has those protective urges....I was like a colt, my legs were all over the place Saturday. It had been so long that I had moved pain legs did not know what to do- will work on my speed and health, Thank You DR V."
- George Velasco.

"Thanks for taking the pain out of my every day life. My back has had a pinched nerve for 8 months and now I have the freedom from pain and numbness. I was with the pain for so long i just got used to it and now I'm new and improved. Thanks again for the awesome work you did on me!" 
- Rick S., Owner - Spa at LakeSide 2.0.
"I have been treated by Dr. Vigil on many occasions. I am, not only a patient, but a colleague of Dr. Vigil. I will tell you that he will be straight forward with his assessment and will apply his vast knowledge of sports related injuries to help you with a quick recovery. If results are what you desire, then give The Stretch Doc a call. From acute injuries to chronic/nagging complaints, Dr. Vigil will provide complete manual therapy to address not only the symptom, but the cause as well."
- Dr.John Tuggle, DC. Cedar Park, TX.

"John has done a fantastic job of getting all my muscles to activate. I never knew that muscles would just shut down for extended periods of time like they did for me after the Headlands 50 mile trail run. He has an uncanny ability to find those problem areas for the athlete and correct them for the long haul. Thanks to him I was able to get back into training very quickly to prepare for my next 100 mile race. I always recommend my friends and clients to Dr. Vigil, especially the athletes."
- Jimmy Gabany Running Coach.

"As one of my triathlon coaches for Team in Training, Dr. John was extremely helpful in giving us stretching and other techniques for training as well as performing fascial stretch therapy on my upper and lower extremities. I had never heard of this technique before, but all I can say is that is amazing how great you feel afterwards your body is actually slightly lengthened as a result of this therapy. I recently hurt my leg while running and made an appointment with Dr. John. I came in limping and in pain. He identified the popliteus muscle injury on the first visit, performed manipulations and massages on that trigger point, and the pain was substantially better by the time I left his office. Dr. John is not only knowledgeable in sports injuries and therapy, he sets an example for his patients and practices what he preaches as an active athlete himself. I would highly recommend Dr. John Vigil to anyone. "
- Cathrine D. - Las Vegas, NV.

"JOHN!! Thank you so much for working your dancing magic on me before the race. You were so generous with your skills & time. I was feeling pretty tight and stressed after several days of transit and two months of high intensive training. Having never experienced stretch therapy before i was hugely surprised with the difference to my body after you worked on one side of my body. After a full session I felt significantly looser and physically prepared to take on my biggest challenge to date. Any chance on you moving to Australia?! Big big appreciation."
- Samantha Gash, Ultra- Runner
Australia,Finisher La Ultra - The High. First female and youngest person ever to complete RacingthePlanet Desert Series of ultra-marathons braving incredibly challenging conditions in the Atacama Desert (Chile), the Sahara Desert (Egypt), the Gobi Desert (China) and Antarctica.

Solve the Problem
Pain Free - FST™
Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is very different than what we think of as traditional stretching or bodywork, in that it is more functional and dynamic. 
Unlike traditional stretching or bodywork that only attempts to work on muscles, FST™ engages the entire myofascial system by targeting muscles, as well as, their neighboring joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones.
5 Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments
1) Speeds pain relief
    Chiropractors can usually quickly identify the mechanical issues that are causing your spine-related pain and provide some near-immediate relief with a series of adjustments. Patients often walk out of appointments feeling noticeably better and report that their symptoms go away faster than when they use other treatments.

2) Restores motion in your joints
    Part of the reason chiropractic adjustments can be so effective is because they help restore movement to areas that have “locked up” and may be impinging nerves. 

3) Helps your body function to its fullest potential
    Chiropractic adjustments treat more than just localized pain. By helping restore normal function and movement to entire parts of your body, adjustments can have an impact on your overall ability to move efficiently and with full strength.

4) May help with overall well-being and stress reduction
    When you’re in pain and can’t go about your regular or favorite activities, it can be hard on your body and mind. Adjustments can help you maintain better overall health by helping speed your recovery.

5) Works for new or old trauma
     It does not matter if you have a recent back or neck injury or have been dealing with acute or chronic pain, chiropractic adjustments can provide quick, noticeable relief. They can even help reduce pain and restore mobility in your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet. 
So if you tweaked your shoulder, sprained your ankle, are dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome in a wrist, or other issues in your extremities, consider chiropractic for a non-invasive way to reduce pain and get back to full strength faster.

Personal Training Fitness Coaching Las Vegas
Being involved in physical fitness since high school I have always enjoyed pushing my body and mind to new limits. From the weight room to Ironman triathlons, to ultrarunning of 50-100 miles having a Coach during training was always key to accomplish my goals.

As a personal training/fitness coach I look forward to taking the journey to your new goals, no matter how small or large they may be, together we will accomplish them!  

Utilizing a variety training techniques, such as, Functional Weight Training, TRX/RIP Training, High Intensity Interval Training that can include plyometrics, resistance bands, weights, and body weight exercises. 

So if you're looking to transform your body to new levels, looking to compete on stage, or just improve your overall fitness and health, I am ready to help!
Located in the Mission Paseo Shopping Center at Rainbow & Sahara (SW Corner)

behind US Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and Chase Bank.
Join the Others Who Now Live Life Pain Free Once Again
"I was experiencing chronic neck pain, nothing that i did would re leave it. I tried heat, ice, massage, and chiropractic care. Remembering that Dr. John had studied a new stretch modality i thought i would try a session with him. His technique involves non evasive stretching. It worked! it cut my neck pain in half the first session. Do to the severity of my injury it took 3 sessions to bring my pain down to about 10%. I highly recommend him and his style of healing to any one with any kind of pain."
             - Terrian H. - Las Vegas, NV. 
"After running 131 miles at the Badwater Ultramarathon, I had a few problem area's and issues with my body when I returned home. I was leaning to the left, had a sore Achilles tendon, and sore ankles, not to mention a fatigued body! When I came to you I was a little nervous about you even touching my sore body parts! I found that you have a real gift of healing. Your techniques are wonderful. At the first visit, I was delighted that the treatment was pain free and gave me immediate relief. It is the best chiropractic visit I have ever experienced. It's great that you understand sports injuries. I am sending all my family and friends to you for treatment." - Molly Sheridan - 2009 Badwater Finisher. 
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